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Mosaic Tile Art: Commonly Asked Questions

What is Mosaic Tile Art?
Picture an artist at work. Now replace the artist's palette with buckets of tiny colored tiles. Each of the tiles in the bucket is no bigger than your thumbnail. The artist carefully shapes and places each individual tile, bringing the design to life, one small speck of color at a time. Hour after hour the artist adds to the design. Finally, he steps back. Up close you can only see the hundreds of tiny pieces of tile. Stepping back, you can see the whole design. A design you envisioned, only better!

What's Possible?
Let your imagination decide.

Do you need to have a design in mind?
No. It is during the conversations between the customer and the artist that most designs take shape. These conversations allow the artist to know your desires, and enable you to tap into his artistic visions.

Can you use a design you already have?
Yes. The artist can transform existing designs, including logos, into a mosaic.

Where can the designs go?
Anywhere! Designs can be (and have been) done in pools, spas, along garden paths, along walkways, in driveways, on walls, in kitchens, on counter tops, on floors, in entryways, . . .

"If you can dream it - we can tile it"
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